All boats need to be hauled by November 7th, 2021

All boats must be removed from the mooring field by November 7th, 2021 so the mooring crew can complete hauling buoys. As boats are hauled the moorings crew will be consolidating the field so the furthest rows can be removed first.

If you can volunteer to help on the workboat email Lucas Wager to schedule your hours.  

Please look at the tide table below and use the form to request a time and date for haul out. 


  • We will not be hauling boats in the middle of the night so plan for a time and tide when the hauling crew is available - we have the capacity to operate 7 days a week so, if possible, please schedule your haul out for a weekday
  • Saturday October 30th will be busy with elections, the general membership meeting, and our fall celebration. Plan on avoiding that date if at all possible.
  • You must be present when your boat is hauled and blocked. We'll be using both the sling lift and the hydraulic lift, whichever is available when your boat is at the dock and ready to be pulled, so you also must be prepared to temporarily remove your forestay if the sling lift will be used to haul your boat.
  • Members must have boat stands, blocking, chains at the ready before hauling. If you know you will need assistance placing your boat stands or blocking in place, please arrange to get help from other members before your boat is hauled out. If your boat stands need to be lubricated to operate smoothly, please attend to that before your boat is hauled out. There is no time to tie a machine up while keeping other members waiting.
  • Remember that pressure washing of boat bottoms is not permitted anywhere in the yard except at the washdown station. The washdown station features a high pressure washer that is capable of cleaning a bottom quickly. If you wish to use the washdown station, please advise the lift driver when your boat is hauled. You are responsible for washing down your own boat, though guidance will be provided on how to use the equipment if necessary. Limit your time on the washdown pad and be aware of other boats waiting to be hauled. 
  • If more than one boat is scheduled to be hauled during the same tide cycle, the order in which the boats are hauled will be determined by the lift driver. Our aim is to haul boats within a few hours of high tide depending on the draft of your vessel. Shallow draft boats give the drivers more flexibility while deep draft boats need to be hauled when we have more water. Please confirm that your boat will be hauled next before bringing the boat to the ramp.
Please request your haul date and time; someone from the hauling crew will call you to discuss or confirm. 

​Click HERE to link to the tide calendar and clock - 
The calendar below is to help plan ahead; it will not reflect requests for hauling

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